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Dakota Decoy X-Treme Canada Feeder Decoys (4 Pack) (DD12020)

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Canada Feeder Decoys (4 Pack) (DD12020)

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Our searching head on the active goose is a good indicator to incoming flocks that it must be chow time! The feeder with its 2 head styles confirms this, and is the finishing touch to bring down wary birds. 

We first carved the traditional feeding head, a 90 degree head, and then we decided to add what we call our aggressive head. Canada’s are very protective of their eating space, and get into this position when another member of the flock attempts to share this find! This is another indicator to arriving geese that they must be in a target rich environment, and they want in on this found treasure.

Our Canada feeders are sure to be a hit with many flocks of migrating birds, and is the addition to your spread that will help put more birds on the ground.